Marmite potatoes

I HATE marmite, but I LOVE these potatoes. On the advice of Time Out magazine I went to a very lovely cafe called Orchard Kitchen on Sicilian Avenue in Holborn, London. Hating the idea of marmite being anywhere near my food I opted for the divine rosemary and garlic roasted butternut squash to eat with my pie. My friend went for the potatoes. YUK. Or so I thought.
If I had to eat only one type of potato for the rest of my life, these would come second (after hash browns of course).
I attempted them for myself today and they were pretty delicious with my whole roasted chicken.


I used –
12 new potatoes (I used some fancy Tesco Finest Venezia potatoes because they were on offer!)
2 tablespoons of marmite

I gently washed the potatoes and left the skin on. Do not peel these as the skin adds loads of flavour and texture and keeps the fluffy potato warm inside.

I added the potatoes to a pan of boiling water and bubbled for about 10 minutes. I drained and transferred these into an oven dish which had a good glug of olive oil inside and roasted in the oven for about 30 minutes. The skin will lift from the potato and begin to crisp up and turn a dark brown. Lovely.

In the pan that I boiled the potatoes in (without the water now) I added the spoonful’s of marmite and heated until the the sludgy consistency of the marmite was a lot thinner now.
When the potatoes were lightly crisped and golden I poured them into the marmite pan and tumbled them around to lightly coat them in marmite.

I ate them immediately.

I had mine with roasted chicken and vegetables but I think they would be perfect with pies, sausages and maybe even try them with cheese on top.


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