Cheaty Cheats Chocolate Cake … By Betty Crocker

021003When I say a cheats cake, I really do mean a cheats cake. I had to make a guaranteed delicious, moist, chocolately cake for a friends leaving party. I knew that everyone would be trashed by the time I got to the party so decided that I could get away with a Betty Crocker special.

So to make the cake I…followed all of the instructions on the box. My plan was to make the cake look like a piece of mars bar. I made a big bowl of caramel using –

One can of condensed milk
60g of salted butter
60g of brown sugar

I simmered all of the ingredients together in a pan on a medium heat. I didn’t stop stirring until all of the butter and sugar has dissolved. The mixture started to turn a darker caramel looking colour, and I continued to stir on a lower heat. When it was lovely and thick I ate it straight out the pan, errrmm, used it on the cake.
iPhone pre Glasto 636 When the cake was baked, I sliced it in half horizontally and smothered the centre with caramel. I sandwiched it together with the top slice of cake and admired my work. I melted down a big bar of Cadbury’s dairy milk and glazed the outside of the cake with it. To try and make as little mess as possible I (had a brainwave and) cut two paper plates in half with scissors and gently slid a plate half under each side of the cake before putting the melted chocolate on. When all the melted chocolate was on, I pulled the plates out and was left with a pretty perfect looking cake.

iPhone pre Glasto 643

Another Betty moment I had recently was when my nephew came to visit. He’s 6 and like most children, can’t get enough of chocolate cake. He’s very cute so I wanted him to love his cake, lovingly baked by his favourite Auntie. I made the same square cake and before. Once the cake was cooled I hollowed out a small circle on the top and filled it with buttercream – 100g of unsalted butter and about a quarter of a box of icing sugar with a little droplet of vanilla essence and creamed together with an electric whisk. I then cheated a little more and used a tub of Betty Crocker chocolate fondant and iced all of the cake. To finish off, I melted a milky bar over a bowl of boiling water and drizzled across the top of the cake.
Number 1 Auntie.


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