Super Seafood

I love, love, love fresh seafood. Born by the sea and living with it right outside my front door for 21 years, I never fully appreciated the treats available to me (particularly my very own Colchester Oysters) until I moved to the big city and realised that people can’t get enough of it. So much so, they’ll pay through their nose to eat the best lobster, shrimps and sushi available. Now wherever I am I always look out for some beautiful, fishy delights I can sink my teeth into.
Here are some of my top 5 favourites so far –

Giant calamari rings in Amsterdam

I love a bit of Mussel from Asakusa, Tokyo

Choo choo, all aboard the Sushi Train at Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo

Tempura prawn and curry Donburi from Koya on Frith Street, London

Scallop, king prawn and mussel on saffron risotto at the Fish House, Victoria Park Road, London
seafood tea

Hungry now??


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