Lazy Sunday Cous Cous

So good they named it twice, cous cous goes with pretty much anything making it the perfect accompaniment to basic ingredients you might have sitting in your fridge or cupboards. I’ve just got back from a little trip to Italy and didn’t fancy a trip out for the big shop. Instead, I had a little aubergine left in my garden ( , a small butternut squash, mini courgettes and onion in my pantry (yes I have a pantry…I know, I’m living the dream) and a carton of pasata. I managed to ‘smuggle’ a huge bulb of garlic back from Genova so –

Into a roasting dish I put half of the squash, cubed and parboiled; half a chopped onion, a crushed garlic clove and the small aubergine, sliced and salted. I mixed it all around, dribbled in some olive oil and seasoned. I roasted this for about 35 minutes before slicing the mini courgettes lengthways and added them into the dish with half a carton of pasata (about 250g). I baked for a further 15 minutes and in the meantime I made the cous cous, everyone knows how to make cous cous, right? ALWAYS a blob of butter at the end!

And ta dah, a little dish for tea on a Sunday.
Cous Cous


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