Coming Up Roses – Creamy Dreamy Nutella Fairy Cakes

Look at how cute they are! I am very happy with how my rosey cakes came out. I used a simple fairy cake recipe of

100g of self raising flour
100g of slightly salted butter
100g of golden caster sugar
2 eggs

The fairy cakes can be made in 5 easy peasy stages –
1. Cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy
2. Beat in the eggs in about three stages to prevent curdling
3. Fold in the flour
4. Spoon the mixture into 12 fairy cake cases
5. Bake in an oven at about 180c for 10 to 12 minutes or until lovely and golden on top

Whilst the cakes are cooling you can make the really delicious, fall on the floor and squeal, creamy dreamy nutella icing.
The ingredients to make enough to cover 12 cakes are –
110g of unsalted, soft butter (about half a block)
80g of icing sugar
80g of melted cooking chocolate (these bars usually come in 100g packets, so that’s 20 whole grams to eat whilst you make the icing)
50g nutella
A tablespoon of milk
And of course you need a piping bag and 1M nozzle attachment

With an electric whisk or by hand, beat together the icing sugar and butter until creamy. To this, beat in the melted chocolate until well combined followed by the nutella and milk. YUM! Continue mixing until the icing is perfectly smooth.bow of icing

Once the cakes are cooled, spoon the icing into the piping bag with the nozzle attached. Starting in the centre of the cake, pipe outwards making sure you leave no gaps of uncovered cake in the middle.



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