Christmas Gin

You may think that I’m mad talking about Christmas when we’re only just in October. And especially when it’s been so warm and sunny this weekend but, the next few weeks are the perfect time to start making Christmas Gin. I have opted for some beautifully sweet damsons to flavour my gin and colour it a lovely violet. Both sloe berries and mirabelle berries are great for Christmas gin but have been hard to come by so far this year.
Into a clean and sterile preservative jar I have put –

450g of thoroughly washed damson berries
100g of caster sugar
1 litre of Gordon’s gin

Christmas Gin

I’ve sealed the jar tightly, shaken it well and will leave it in my cool, dark pantry until Christmas time. I’ve spoken to several people about this and the main advice I have been given is to shake the jar every other day for the first two or three weeks and then once a week for the remaining time. And of course, don’t be tempted to start drinking it before it’s ready!

Fingers crossed.


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