I won’t even begin to compete with the outrageously good burger reviews from the blogging world so I’m going to keep it simple. My top 5 burgers and meat restaurants in London – what they are, where they were from and what made them so bloody brilliant…

What? The Original 6oz Hamburger
Where? The Good Life Diner, Soho London
The best bit? Dill pickle with burger sauce, a side of wet fries and an orange cream soda.
The Diner

What? Cheeseburger All The Way
Where? Five Guys, Covent Garden London
The best bit? Meaty mushrooms packed on top of the burger and cheese and a Raspberry Fanta to wash it down.
Five Guys

What? Ripper Dog
Where? Meat Market, Covent Garden London
The best bit? Hot, sweet, cheesey chilli fries on the side. Perfect as dinner on their own.
Meat Market

What? The Mother F
Where? Bukowski’s Grill, Boxpark London
The best bit? Delicious patties with sweet cheese, salty bacon and plenty of meat juice.

What? BBQ Chicken Burger
Where? Bodean’s, Soho London
The best bit? The WORLD’S best BBQ Mayo, tender chicken, a side of onion rings and a bite of my boyfriends pulled pork burger.

Controversial to have chicken in the top spot I know but trust me, it’s uh-may-zing.

And a sneaky outsider at #6
What? Lobster with Two Butters
Where? Burger & Lobster, Green Park London
The best bit? Garlic butter for the lobster, garlic butter for the fries, garlic butter for the salad and a really huge succulent lobster.
iPhone 2012 459


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