Make Your Own Hello Kitty Cake

This is my most favourite cake that I have ever made – my lovely Hello Kitty cake for my nieces birthday. She was completely over the moon with it and obviously I’m now the greatest Auntie in the whole wide world.
To make your own Kitty cake you will need the following:

Hello Kitty Ingredients

A Hello Kitty Baking Tin
500g of white regal icing for Kitty’s face
250g of red regal icing for Kitty’s pretty bow
All available from my little Fatty Hatty Baking Supplies Shop

For the cake itself, you just need a simple sponge cake recipe which is essentially a bigger version of my 5 stage fairy cake recipe:
225g of softened butter
225g of caster sugar (I prefer sparkly golden caster sugar)
225g of self-raising flour
4 eggsies
A big dribble of vanilla extract
3 liquorice twists for Kitty’s whiskers and nose
2 little chocolate buttons for Kitty’s eyes

Apparently it’s always a good idea to have a layer between the sponge and the regal icing so for this I whipped up a little bit of buttercream with:
150g of softened room temperature butter
300g of confectioners icing sugar
I always add a splash of boiling water to this as it makes the icing cloud a bit less overwhelming and binds the butter and sugar together nicely.

Preheat the oven to about 180°C and if you have it, spray the Kitty tin with some cake release spray. The spray is brilliant and allows the cake to pop smoothly from the pan. Alternatively, grease the pan with butter or oil ensuring that all of the little nooks and crannies are covered.
To make the cake it’s these five easy stages:
1. Cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy
2. Beat in the eggs and vanilla extract in about three stages to prevent curdling
3. Fold in the flour
4. Pour into the greased tin
5. Bake in the oven for about 35 to 40 minutes until golden on top

Turn the cake out onto a wire rack to cool completely before smothering with delicious buttercream and place the cake on the tray or plate that you intend to serve it on.

Take about three quarters of the white regal icing and roll out on a clean, dry surface sprinkled with a generous tablespoon of sieved icing sugar. The regal icing needs to be about 3mm thick. When I first used regal icing, it took me about three or four attempts to get it without holes or ripping it when I picked it up. The key is the icing sugared surface to work on which stops it from sticking! When it’s rolled out flat enough, ravel it up on the rolling pin to then unroll it over the top of the butter creamed cake. Use your hands to lightly shape it around Kitty’s face and find the little eyes and whisker indents.

Use a sharp knife to draw around the edge of the cake and remove excess icing. It’s always better to leave too much icing on the cake and tuck it underneath than take too much off and leave a bald patch.

For Kitty’s whiskers I took a liquorice twist and sliced it into lengthway quarters. With a long plastic spoon handle, I pushed three holes into each cheek and slotted in the liquorice quarters, dotted her eyes with chocolate buttons and made a little nose with a liquorice twist end.

For the all important bow I took half of the red regal icing and moulded it into a small, rectangular shape, using my index finger and thumb to lightly nip the middle of the bow together. This creates a cinched effect of the bow. Lastly, I took a small piece of red icing and made it into a very small rectangle to fold over the middle…to make it look like a bow. I think it makes a bit more sense when you look at it on the picture below. If you have a better way of doing it, then please do let me know because I literally had no idea what I was doing!

Hello Kitty Cake

And don’t forget, I sell the baking tins and regal icing at my Fatty Hatty Baking Supplies Shop
Hello Kitty Baking Tin



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