Baby Shower, Baby!

I’m not pregnant. Just to clarify. But a good friend of mine is very pregnant and deserves pretty things and delicious treats to soften the blow of being the size of a house.
I always thought a Baby Shower was a very American thing and one of my only references is Phoebe being presented with a pair of leather pants and tequila before giving birth to her brothers triplets. So I think we did pretty well to turn the very vanilla meeting room at our office into a Baby Shower dream –
Baby Shower
It’s not like we could leave work early and head to a bar…
We had some beautiful bouquets delivered, one pink and one blue as we have no idea of the sex of the baby. In theme with that, I made some mini chocolate fudge cakes, topped with blue and pink buttercream swirls and crowned with Jazzles.
Baby Boy or Baby Girl
We bought bunting for a pound from my favourite shop, Tiger and splashed out on some beautiful bottles of posh pop from Marks and Spencer. We made finger sandwiches filled with cream cheese and cucumber, mini egg and blueberry blondies and creme egg brownies.
One of the guys I work with somehow finds the time to (amongst being the Editor of a magazine and a new Dad) keep an allotment. He brought me in some deliciously pink rhubarb stalks to use for my Baby Shower show piece – rhubarb and custard cake. I used the Mary Berry recipe for three layers of round Victoria sponge cakes and used a splash of water and two tablespoons of golden caster sugar to slowly stew about 5 large stalks of rhubarb.
If you’re already seen the picture, you’re probably wonderring what the hell must have happened for my custard to be green. I KNOW! I’ve googled what could have possibly gone wrong and I think that my eggs must have got too hot but, the custard was sooo delicious I thought it would be a waste to just throw it all away. I follwed this video but in hindsight, I probably should have used a bain marie so the eggs didnt get so hot (and so green). But nevertheless, this custard was incredible.
I topped the cake with some cake bunting from John Lewis and made everyone eat it with their eyes shut!
Rhubarb and Custard Cake
Happy Baby Shower!!


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