Posh Meringue

At the end of the month there are two certainties for me –
1. A near maxed out over draft
2. A huge desire to spend money on clothes, shoes and posh dinners
I can (mostly) handle not buying clothes and shoes but posh dinners and nice food is something I can’t deprive myself of. I couldn’t afford to head out somewhere nice with my friend so instead invited her to mine and I thought I could raid my pantry for something delicious. I came up with wild mushroom and garlic risotto for mains and a chocolate meringue topped with all the yummy things I have stored away for afters.
The Meringue Girls book has taught me very well. The girls recipes use hot sugar with the egg whites and the result is a supremely thick, pearl white meringue. I added in cocoa powder and baked for 2 hours, leaving it to dry out in the oven over night. Shortly before we were ready to eat, I decorated with a big, BIG dollop of double cream, crushed malteasers, pistachio nuts, torn blackberries and swizzles of melted dark chocolate. Oh it was glorious.


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