My famous telly cake

If everyone wil be famous for 15 minutes in their lifetime, I’m due at least another 14 minutes and 50 seconds.

The Great British Bake Off now has a new sister show named ‘An Extra Slice’ and I was asked to go along with a bake of my own and sit in the audience. I took my bestie, Rose and my very best effort of gluten free chocolate olive oil cake stuffed full of black cherries and topped with swirling ganache and soft double cream peaks.

I spent the day sat in a studio watching filming of the show looking at all the other cakes people had made – it’s fair to say, I’m a pretty bitchy baker. I didn’t do any sort of interview on the show but hoped my cake might be in camera view at some point. Imagine how chuffed I was when I spotted myself on the advert for the show on BBC1 –


My hair, forehead, eyebrow, arm, jumpsuit, loom band and cake…all I needed was a face!!

Mrs Doubtfire

Look at my cake though! I was so happy it made it and took it along. Apart from dragging it around the London Underground and all through Waterloo, I really did fill it with a lot of love (and cherries and jam).
Cherry filling

Ultimately, my face did appear on the show, you don’t need to see that though.

BAKE CHAT: I used the Nigella Lawson olive oil cake recipe, it’s rich and gooey and not suitable for stacking as I found out. I made three rounds and filled two of them with drained, black cherries and cherry jam. I topped with a luxurious dark lindt chocolate ganache. I left it to harden slightly so it could spread on the top making it look like it was defying gravity and very, very decadent. I whipped up cream to just before peaking and smothered it over the ganache.
Telly Cake


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