Birthday Boss

Recently my work life has taken over every sort of other life that I would usually have…social, family, baking… it’s been horrendous and I’m definitely sick of working for a living. So I was VERY excited to have a week off work and head back to my parents’ house for my twin nieces 8th birthday party.
I’d had two fairly simple requests from them both for their cakes –
1. A One Direction cake, vanilla flavour with seedless strawberry jam.
2. A Little Mix cake, chocolate flavour, no strawberry jam.
Easy peasy…especially with some fool proof Mary Berry recipes to hand. For both cakes I ordered rice paper cake toppers with the faces of the ‘bands’ on and bought just about every kind of sprinkles, sweets and candles available in Tesco.
Rainbow1I used Mary’s Victoria sponge recipe and 5 of my most favourite food colour gels to make a rainbow middled cake, sandwiched together with seedless jam and vanilla buttercream. I use Wilton food colour gels as all other food colourings are rubbish. I get them from Amazon but I’ve just spotted them on Lakeland too. Just a speck of each colour gave a lush rainbow effect. They’re pricey but so worth it.
(I know there are 7 colours in the rainbow but then I would have been accused of making one cake much taller than the other which would have most definitely caused some tears.)
I did a crumb coat of buttercream or in the words of Cake Boss, “dir’dy iced” the Victoria sponges, to stop the colourful crumbs ruining the outside of the cake. Once this was set I did a second layer of the buttercream and got really excited with some red Haribo hearts and pink heart confetti.
Pinata cake1I used a second Mary B recipe for the chocolate cakes – probably one of the best recipes available for a guaranteed great bake and incredible flavour. Keira specified no strawberry jam, but Mary suggests apricot so I went ahead and used that. I made three rounds of the sponges and cut a hole in the middle sponge so I could pack the cake with smarties. The chocolate filling Mary suggests is delicious, so I used that to stack the cake but it’s too runny to smother on the outer layer and decorate – everything would have slid off! So I made a super chocolatey buttercream for the outside. I did the dir’dy icing again before the second layer went on and decorated with marshmallow tubes, golden beads and sprinkles. YUM.
Little Mix1
The pinata cake looked really fun when it was cut into slices. Lots of chocolate filling and pink smarties everywhere and plent of happy children and grown-ups. Making just the one cake at a time would have been more ideal but I didn’t mind. Now I’ve found recipes I can trust, the hard part was out of the way and left plenty of time for decorating! Both my twinnies loved their cakes and I’m still very much #1 Auntie.


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